Story Lab Week 6: Style

Like many people, I like to think I'm creative, but when it comes to actually writing the story, I have some trouble. I have always had trouble creating a fictional world for my work, especially in this class so far. The video, How to build a fictional world by Kate Messner, helps explain the realms of fiction. Authors of fictional stories create worlds that are not possible in real life yet readers understand them to be logical in that book's world. She says that your imagination and a willingness to figuratively live in your own world it what makes fiction. Messner's video was helpful to me as she poses some questions to help start building a fictional world. You need to start with where you are and when it is. Then she creates a timeline about the world and the rules placed in the world. After establishing the big pictures of the world, she then focuses on the day to day.
Another struggle I have in writing is writing descriptively. In Nalo Hopkinson's How to write …

Reading Notes: Mahabharata Part B

Prince Vidura, half-brother to Pandu and Dhritarashtra, guessed the plot of Duryodhana. Yudhishthira realized the condition of the palace and spoke his fears to his mother and brothers. Vidura sent a miner to dig Kunti and the Pandava brothers an underground passage. Once to safety of the forest, Bhima returned to the palace to seek revenge on the guardhouse in which he set fire to it. Wind blew the fire to catch on the lac palace which had happen to be housing a low-caste woman and her 5 sons all whom perished in the fire. The next morning, people thought the perished were Kunti and the Pandava brothers. The Pandavas entered the forest. Bhima watched over Kunti and his brothers. Hidimba and a disguised rakshasa human woman, who was his sister, tried to lure the Pandavas. Hidimba battled Bhima, but died. Bhima married the rakshasa woman. Her son vowed to aid them whenever they called upon him.
Kunti and the brothers minus Bhima were in Ekachakra. Bhima appeared and went to Baka. Bhima…

Reading Notes: Mahabharata Part A

The birth story of Vyasa to begin the Mahabharata can be important in my project of karma. The king of Chedi, Uparichara, dropped his semen into a river and the result was 2 children, a boy and a girl. The king took the boy, but he did not want girl so left her with the fisherman's wife. She had a fishy smell and worked as a ferryman. She met the sage Parashara and had a son with him (out of wedlock) named Vyasa.
Ganga, the goddess of the Ganges river took form into human as the eight Vasus came to her. She became their human form mother and promised she would cast upon them her children. King Shantanu saw Ganga in human form and was taken with her immediately. He asked her to wed him and she would so long as he never spoke harshly to her or question her actions. They eventually had a son, but she gave him to the Ganges. The king was horrified, but kept his promise to not speak to her about it. Seven children later, all of whom Ganga destroyed by casting them to the Ganges. On the…

Week 5 Story: The It Couple

At the University of Oklahoma, Ryan and Sarah were the couple to be. Everyone envied what they had and wanted a relationship like theirs, even if it meant ruining their relationship. Ryan and Sarah were juniors at the university, but the moment they locked eyes at a frat party one Halloween night during freshman year, they were hooked. It was love, and lust, at first sight.
Sarah was a preacher's daughter and had only had short relationships in high school while Ryan was Mr. Popular Jock and definitely made a reputation for himself as a player. Let's just say, high school Sarah and Ryan probably would not have been a thought in anyone's mind. Sarah was the sweet, loyal girl who was friends with everyone and Ryan was the jock that was a part of the exclusive, "cool" crowd.
Sarah's dad, Joe, being a preacher, was very strict and concerned about who his daughter was involved with. He requested that he get to meet Ryan and decide if he was good enough for Sarah.…

Reading Notes: Sita Sings the Blues- Part B

Notes taken on the video: Sita Sings the Blues

The start of part B begins in NYC and Nina. Nina has received an email from Dave that says "Don't come back" with inevitability breaks her heart. Back in the Ramayana story, Sita tells Rama she is pregnant. There is a new story included in this video where dhobi, a laundry man, is explaining how he is not like Rama in the sense that he will not take his wife back since she has slept in another man's house. Because of this story, Rama sends Lakshmana to take Sita to the forest and abandon her. The narrators include that they feel as though Rama always had doubt about how pure Sita was. I think this is interesting since this feeling was not portrayed strongly in the book version.

Back in the U.S. with Nina, she is dreaming of Dave and caught up on him which is similar to how Sita feels with Rama. Both women show loyalty to their men and complete sadness about not being with them anymore. Sita believes she has had Karma put…

Reading Notes: Sita Sings the Blues- Part A

This video tells the Ramayana story in another way. The video starts out with a human, modern day couple, Nina and Dave. Dave accepts a job in India, which is when the video starts to explain the ancient story of Sita and Rama. Some foreshadowing that can be taken possibly, is the comparison from Nina and Dave in the beginning of the video with Rama and Sita. As the video plays out, it will be interesting to see if there is actually a connection between the 2 couples.

The video tells the story of Rama and Sita through 3 narrators. They are comical and add a relaxed and enjoyable aspect to the story that makes it easy to understand what is happening. Within the video are short segments where Sita sings her feelings. This makes the story more relatable as she is singing about her love, or how she misses Rama.

The video is very similar to the book version of the story so far as Rama is sent to exile due to Kaikeyi wishes. Sita goes with him, but the difference is that Lakshmana is not w…

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